Nature Trail Walks

Within a few minutes walk of Endoro Lodge we have Endoro River Nature Trails suitable for hiking, bird watching, animal viewing and plant identification.
Elephant Caves
Visit the Elephant Caves where for centuries the elephants have dug into the hills for necessary minerals and vitamins for their daily diet.

Endoro Waterfalls

The Endoro Waterfalls which majestically fall into the valley more than 100 meters below.
Ngorongoro Highland Forest Rim Walk
Take the guided Rim Walk along the Forest’s boundaries, from the Lodge to the rim of Ngorongoro Crater. See how the local families live with and among some of Africa’s most famous animal residents.

Bicycle Tours

Bicycle through the local village. Visit the elementary and secondary area schools. Stop, and match your talent against the local woodcarvers. Explore the locally made brick factory and distilleries.

Cultural Home Visits

Become part of a family. Learn tribal dances, eat the food, listen and take part in the oral history and stories of the local tribes and the Crater area.

Banana and Coffee Plantation

Take a leisurely stroll through our own banana and coffee plantations. Learn the history and local lore of the area and how important these products are to the economy.